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Where to Find Motivation to Keep Improving Yourself

Where to Find Motivation to Keep Improving Yourself

Everyone goes through stages in their life of wanting to improve themselves, but it is often short-lived. It is very easy to go back to your old habits, stop journaling, quit on your action steps to achieve goals, and just do what is easy. Here are some ways to motivate yourself to keep up your self-improvement journey.

Your Support System is Everything

When you want to be more motivated for self-improvement, you need to look at who you choose to spend your time with. Find supportive people, but not just those who will support everything you do from afar – though this is also great! Try to find people who think the same way as you. People who are also working on themselves, trying to achieve personal growth, and will not only support your self-improvement, but who you can support on their journey as well.  You have your Primal Babes to support you!  You’ve got this!

Choose the Right Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a wonderful tool that are not used nearly enough. A positive affirmation is a phrase you tell yourself that will help you think more positively. While they are used in many different scenarios, from improving your mindset to relieving stress and anxiety, they can also be a tool for motivation. The trick here is to choose the right types of affirmations.

You can write them yourself or look up lists of motivational, inspirational, and thought-provoking affirmations. Here are some examples:

I am my own motivation.

I can encourage others as much as myself.

I will continue working toward my goals.

Read your Primal Babe motto!  Primal Babes are strong and can achieve ANYTHING!

Keep Working on Self-Development

Personal growth and self-development is not something you will fix overnight. It is a continuous process for the rest of your life. Continue working on improving yourself and stay motivated by reading new books, articles, listening to Podcasts, and practicing self-awareness. Inflect on your life regularly, write in a journal, and talk to others who have the same mindset as you. Surrounding yourself by people who are supportive and also bettering themselves is a great way to keep each other motivated.

Visualize What You Want

Lastly, make sure you are visualizing what you want. Visualize not just your journey right now toward achieving your goals and dreams, but see the end result as well. Keep that vision in your head every day, whenever you get the opportunity, and you will keep finding more motivation and inspiration to keep going.

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