About Dr. Cherine

I’m Dr. Cherine, a doctor, international speaker, lifestyle expert, & corporate wellness leader. I have been teaching doctors and people around the world for 20 years on how to maximize their health, lose weight and achieve work-life balance. As mom of 4 and owning 2 businesses, I can completely understand that sometimes life can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! You can have that body and life you’ve been dreaming of!




I thought I Was Invincible…

We can all relate either through our own experiences or maybe looking at our teenagers, (I have 4) that in our younger years, we think we are invincible, we know everything, and that “bad” stuff only happens to other people! 

Yup, that was me!  I was healthy, a competitive cheerleader, and multi-sport athlete throughout high school and into college.  All of that changed in what seemed like overnight!  Suddenly, I got really sick!   I couldn’t keep food down.  (No, I did not have an eating disorder!  I saw way too many friends & athletes suffer from this.) I was in dire pain in my stomach and was in and out of doctor’s offices and hospitals.

I literally had every scope and test imaginable! Medical doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on or provide any solutions.  Some of them even said it was “all in my head!”  Things got so bad, that I was not able to attend my classes!  I even had to leave college.   

At home I was so frustrated!  How did this happen?!?  I was a star athlete!  Why me?!?  I had to leave all my friends and I was living back at home with my parents!  To me it felt like my world was ending!   

Even though I was sick, my parents refused to let me wallow in my sorrows and made me continue to take classes and get a job because they wanted to install in me a work ethic and perseverance, despite any situation I may be going through!

I ended up working for a Chiropractor, who got me under chiropractic care and taught me about nutrition and how to eat healthier.  He made me take responsibility for my own health.  Within a month, my symptoms started to subside and then, all my symptoms completely disappeared!  I felt like I was given a second chance on life! 

My health improved so much, that I made a career decision to study at a Chiropractic college instead of medical school to help others who had health issues. 

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I Gained 60 Pounds!

In Chiropractic school, I got married and we decided to try for a child. That’s when I gained over 60 pounds.  Just to put this in perspective, I’m 5’0” (and ½ an inch).   That made me almost as wide as I was tall. 

That whole excuse of “I am eating for two” thing was not good! My main “job” was a being a cheerleader because we got paid for it!  As a starving student, I needed that income!  It was also my identity!  The HUGE issue (no pun intended) was that I was the main flyer on the team (you know the girl they toss up to the rafters) No one could or would be tossing me in the air at that weight! 

Now, I had to lose all that weight while going through grad school, working 40 hours per week, and having a newborn.  To say I was “busy” was an understatement!  I would take my newborn to the gym with me and park him next to the treadmill, I spent hours in the gym, I barely slept…. It was tough!  I did it and never want to have to do that again!

And one day, my world was shattered

Fast forward a few years, I had opened my new practice and just had another child.  Life was great until….

I got a call from my mom…that my dad had died.   I couldn’t believe it!  He was only 57 years young.

I was CRUSHED!   

He never got to meet his second grandson! 

Just a week prior on our last phone call, I was talking to my dad about changing his unhealthy lifestyle.  Although my father was not overweight, he smoked, drank sodas, ate fast food, was working a ton, and stressed out financially!  I knew the severe consequences of that unhealthy lifestyle! 

His final words kept ringing in my ears…  I know I should…but I’m good.  Some things I just don’t want to change.” 

Those words…that lifestyle…was what took my dad’s life…way too early!

At first, I was devastated…then I was angry!   I was disappointed that WE weren’t important enough to him for him to make that lifestyle change.

At his funeral, I was going through all these emotions…. frustrated that it came to this point, saying to myself what he should have done differently…. Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks!  I am doing the same thing my dad did just in different negative habits!  While I was not drinking soda, smoking, or eating fast food, my diet was not stellar, I was stressed out to the max financially, I was not exercising, and I was burning the candle at both ends!   I was taking care of everyone else and not taking care of me! I was a complete contradiction!

I was already seeing the warning signs.  I was tired, overwhelmed and was literally numbly going through each day. I was not willing to let my kids grow up without their mom!  That was the catalyst I needed to make a real change in my life!

I started implementing everything I had learned as a doctor!  I felt amazing and it was obvious to me that I had been missing so much out of life.

This gave me an insatiable fire to help as many people live healthier!  I was hired to do weight-loss and wellness programs in the country’s top hospitals, companies, and provided wellness programs for 100’s of my patients.

I kept myself healthy by working out daily and even started running marathons.  I was at the top of my fitness and nutrition game.    

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Just because everything looks perfect, does not mean it is….

Sometimes life throws us curve balls, even when it seems like everything is on track and you’re on top of the world. 

In 2012, I went through a divorce that caused me to question,

Who am I?”

What is most important now?   

I dove into my kids and work to make ends meet.  I soon forgot about me…AGAIN!!!!  One day, my son said to me, “I miss my mom.” 

I was stunned! 

He said, “I miss that mom that was kick butt and wouldn’t take no for an answer…. that did things no one else would do and pushed herself to her best.  It’s what I admire the most and you don’t do it anymore.  All you do is take care of us.  What about you?”

I felt like I got hit in the face with a sledgehammer!  I was thinking that I was rocking it!  Being the best mom ever! 


Time to put on the Bad-assery shoes!

The next day I went into my office early, sat down and was reflecting over a cup of coffee.

I needed to do something big!  I needed to do something outside of my comfort zone… (this was easy since I was doing the minimal fitness and nutrition to “get by” without letting the wheels COMPLETELY come off AGAIN.) 

That is when I got this amazing, crazy, insane and awesome idea that I was TOTALLY UNPREPARED for…  I called my new AMAZING husband and said….

“I’m going to do an IRONMAN!  He simply responded, “That’s my girl!”

Wait!  What? He thinks this is a good idea?!?  He’s not going to talk me out of it???

An Ironman is 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a marathon 26.2-mile run, raced in that order…140.62 miles…without a break!!!

Mind you, I have not run over 5 miles at a time in over 6 months.  I could barely swim 1 lap in a pool, and I did not even own a bike!

No, I am not telling anyone reading this that you must do an Ironman!   Yes, I am a little crazy!  It is what makes me tick!  Sometimes you have to play big or go home!


Time to rock this life

I am in my mid forty’s, I am a wife with an amazing man, have 4 boys, and work a lot of hours (it’s more like play, because I love what I do). 

With all of life’s busy-ness, I had to create a game plan to be able to do it all and not forget about me! 

That is how I created the Primal Babe Lifestyle!  Now I want to share with you just like I have thousands of others!  It’s quick, simple, home-based and affordable.

As I saw with my own experiences, and with losing my father…..It is not just your waistline or how you look in the mirror that depends on it…it’s your vitality, your mental wellbeing, your life, and those you love who may depend on it.


I don’t want you or someone you love to become a statistic, because it seems too hard, that you feel you’re too old or alone, like you can’t do it…or you don’t have enough time or money.

I get that life can be hectic and sometimes we lose sight of taking care of ourselves. That’s why it is so important to have accountability and support to keep you motivated, on track, and surrounding yourself with others, who have the same goals as you.


I want you to come and join my tribe!  It’s for those who are committed to change…to live life fully and not accept mediocrity or lack in life.  It’s designed for those who want to put some badass back in their life…and to take control again.

What I


  • Everyone has the ability to release their inner beauty and health, to reach their fullest potential!  You owe it to yourself and to those you love!

  • No matter how busy you are, you can still get the results you want to see!  It’s all about implementing simple steps that help you master your time & effort.

  • You can save money all while giving your life and body the fuel it needs to THRIVE and look amazing in your favorite pair of jeans!

  • Wherever the mind leads, your body follows!  With the support of your Primal Babes, you will be unstoppable!  Nothing is more powerful than a tribe of people in a movement together!

We’re in this


It doesn’t matter what results you want to see, what life you want to create, or where you are starting from. 

You just need to be willing to make the commitment to become the best version of YOU!

Your Primal Babes Tribe and I are here to help you make it happen!

Are you ready to get that body & life you’ve been craving?

Learn the simple strategies that will help you ditch the excuses & dump mediocrity with our bad-ass primal babe lifestyle.

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