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What You Should Know About Kombucha

What You Should Know About Kombucha

Kombucha, a nutrient-dense probiotic, is a fermented beverage extracted from either black of green tea. Touted as an exceedingly healthy drink, kombucha is applauded for its immune-boosting, digestion-building, and protein-absorbing benefits. Taken as an after-dinner drink or used as a salad dressing, there are various ways to incorporate kombucha into your diet. If you’ve made the savvy decision to introduce kombucha into your diet, you can expect to reap the following benefits. 

Improves Gut Health 

If you suffer from poor digestion or stomach ulcers, kombucha offers restorative properties that alleviate stomach and digestion discomfort. Rich with antibiotics, enzymes, and amino acids, kombucha supports digestion and works to repair torn stomach lining. Above all else, kombucha safeguards against harsh impurities that seek to harm the coating found inside your stomach. 

Prevents Disease 

Processed and chemical foods are injurious to health. As a fermented drink, kombucha reduces the inflammation that these foods create. These powerful antioxidants help detoxify the body and, in turn, curtail your chances of catching a disease or illness. Studies show that kombucha may help protect against cancer as well. 

Kills Bacteria 

Acetic acid, a primary ingredient in kombucha, helps lessen the influx of harmful microorganisms that enter the body. In short, acetic acid suppresses the growth of bacteria. As a result, you’re less likely to catch a cold because your immune system is operating more efficiently. 

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease 

Given the growing prevalence of heart disease, there’s never been a better time to take proactive measures against this malignant condition. Kombucha is known for its positive impact on cholesterol. In fact, health professionals suggest that kombucha is most effective in treating “bad” cholesterol. Those with higher cholesterol levels see a shift in just 30 days. 

Improves Organs 

Your liver, kidneys, and pancreas all benefit from kombucha consumption. The primary takeaway from this advantage is that kombucha lowers blood sugar levels. This is great news for people with diabetes. In essence, kombucha reduces blood sugar levels by slowing down the digestion of carbs. When your blood sugar levels are stable, it bodes well for healthy organs. 

Boosts Energy Levels 

Kombucha contains antioxidants and electrolytes that are ideal for boosting energy levels. When the body is firing on all cylinders, it’s presumed to be in better health. Essentially, kombucha provides the same caffeine boost that coffee offers without the negative side effects.

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