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Vitamins for Eye Health

Vitamins for Eye Health

The human eye is an incredible organ. About 80 percent of our memories are determined by what we see, and yet, most of us take our eyes for granted. To keep them functioning at their optimal healthy level, our eyes need the proper balance of vitamins and minerals to protect them from issues like oxidative damage and inflammation.

Vitamin A
Leafy green vegetables, as well as eggs, sweet potato, carrots and cantaloupe, are just a few of the tasty foods that contain vitamin A. However, not all of us always eat a well-balanced diet, and vitamin A is one of those essential powerhouses for good, all-around vision.

When you don’t get enough of this primary vitamin, you can suffer from night blindness and a dry cornea. Your eyes need adequate lubrication, and vitamin A offers this necessary moisture.

Vitamin C
A study led by King’s College London and published in the journal Ophthalmology revealed an interesting connection between a higher dietary intake of vitamin C and a preventative effect on cataract (cloudy lens) progression.

The 10-year research focused on the eyes of 324 pairs of female twins from the Twins UK registry. The participants who took a higher intake of vitamin C saw a 33 percent risk reduction in cataract progression. Also, they had ‘clearer’ lenses after a decade.

B3 or niacin is another key vitamin that plays a role in good eye health. Research has found that niacin may help prevent or delay the development of cataracts. 
When you have an adequate supply of niacin, then you don’t have to worry about inflammation eye problems like those of dry eyes or red eyes.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Fish oil supplements are another way to enhance your eye health in several ways. For one, omega-3s avoid inflammation by keeping the eyes moist. The vitamins can also maintain a healthy tear film.
Omega-3 fatty acids are naturally found in your eye’s retina and are responsible for visual development.

The powerful carotenoid called astaxanthin is another vitamin that helps to protect your eyes. In this case, it has been found to be successful in battling oxidative damage you can develop from high-tech devices that contain blue light (cellphones, laptop computers) and energy-efficient lightbulbs.
Studies have found that astaxanthin can help reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Maintaining eye health is easy to do with a good balance of nutrients in your diet.

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